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Krishna Janmashtami » Famous Krishna Temples » Dwarkadhish Temple, Dwarka, Gujarat

Dwarkadhish Temple, Dwarka, Gujarat


The city of Dwarka, meaning gateway to moksha or salvation hosts another significant temple of Shri Krishna. It is said that lord spent close to hundred years of his life in this holy city. The city is believed to have been immersed in the sea after lord left for heavenly abode. Dwarka is also popularly known as city of gold.

The famed Dwarkadhish temple was just a small umbrella type monument in the year 400 BC; which was renovated time and again in different periods to finally in the year 1960, when Government of India took it over and renovates its from time to time.

Devotees from all over India, visit the holy place during Janmashtami. The festival is celebrated in a special way; the entire place is very well decorated with rows of lighting everywhere. Special pooja is performed on the day by aboti brahmins; a special caste of brahmins who have been performing pooja for centuries. The pooja is based on a daily routine. Arti is performed at different times during the day, abhishek of lord's idol is done, followed by shringar wherein the idol is adorned with new clothes, jewels and flowers; distribution of sweet meat or prasad to devotees happens in the end. It is said devotees visiting the temple during janmashtami are freed from all sufferings.