Janmashtami Decorative Items

A number of popular traditional decorative items are used by devotees during Janmashtami. It is a time to decorate house with flowers, decorate the jhula/cradle of Lord Krishna. Beautify your house to celebrate the birth of Bhagwan Krishna. Listed below are a few of decorative items used during the festival:

Krishna Idols and Sculptures

Lord krishna's idols and sculptures are the most important decorative. Devotees perform pooja with the help of the idols. They can also be placed in living room etc.

Krishna Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings adorning the image of Lord Krishna are a popular Janmashtami decorative item. As the festival is traditionally celebrated, wall hangings with ethnic touch are preferred over others. Embroidered cloth panels too work wonders as a popular festival decorative.

Krishna Door Hangings or Torans

Door hangings with pictures of Lord Krishna pasted over them make a unique decorative item. Attractive torans can be made by stitching or pasting other popular Janmashtami symbols such as flute, morpankh (peacock feather), pots containing butter and butter milk. These eye catching Janmashtami decorative symbolize Lord's activities.

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