Legend of Putana

The legend Of Janmashtami- Birth of Bhagwan Krishna, has it that Lord Vishnu took birth as a human to annihilate demons and rid Mother Earth of their monstrosity.

Reliable Aide of King Kansa

A heavenly prediction forewarned King Kansa that the eighth child of his sister Devki will be responsible for his death. So he decided to get rid of the child and entrusted the work to one of his reliable aides, Putana- A Demoness.


Demoness Disguised as Human

As per the instructions of King Kansa, Demoness Putana disguised herself as a beautiful woman. Having applied poison on her chest she went from house to house in various towns and villages, feeding all the one day old male infants and killing them.

Suckling Life of The Demoness

Demoness Putana entered the house of Baba Nand and saw the divine child,lying in the cradle. She took the child outside and started to feed him in the vain hope of killing him. Lord Krishna sucked her Breast embalmed with poison. Putana was happy the child was sucking poison and will die soon; little did she realise that God was sucking her life. The Lord, pressed her breasts with his hands and sucked her last breath. The demoness shrieked in pain,met her fate with her eyes popping out simultaneously.

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